Scott Mathews

Mr. Mathews is Vice President and Director of Alternative Investments at the R.W. Dow Corporation, an independent Introducing Broker firm registered with the National Futures Association. He is also the editor-in-chief of the publications by Best Weather, Inc.

During his career in the commodity trading industry, he has held positions at a major agricultural company (Continental Grain), Wall Street brokerage firms (Oppenheimer, Inc. and Prudential Bache). After an assignment in the Middle East as a fund manager for a company owned by Kuwait’s ruling Al-Sabah family, Mr. Mathews joined Citicorp Futures Corp. in New York, to co-head the bank’s energy hedging department. Throughout, his experience, knowledge and skills ranged from advising institutional hedgers and investors, writing and producing both market news and analytic content, and collaborating with financial engineers to develop derivative hedging instruments such as the Municipal Bond futures contract launched by the Chicago Board of Trade and the family of weather index futures contracts at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

For nine years he wrote and produced Weather to Buy or Sell, a weekly feature published regularly on the AccuWeather page in the Weekend Edition of The Wall Street Journal, on behalf of CME Group. In 2009, Mr. Roemer contacted CME to learn about weather contracts*, the exchange referred him to Mr. Mathews for consulting and brokerage services.

* Since 2014, the weather derivatives market has migrated away from the CME clearinghouse to the OTC marketplace

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