Welcome to this overview of our “WWT” program, hosted by our friends at Robbins Trading.

Weather Wealth Trading is named after the flagship newsletter we publish twice a week at Best Weather, Inc.

There’s an old saying about the weather that was a favorite that Mark Twain liked to quote:

Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.

What do we do about it? We aim to profit from it.

Nothing is a “sure thing” in life, love, war, peace, business or weather. We do our homework, take precautions and take aim. The outcome is mostly up to Mother Nature.

Our mailbox is rarely empty. We get lots of fan mail… so we’ll share some kind words from Jake Hanley, Managing Director and Portfolio Manger at Teucrium Trading LLC:

“Over the last year, it has occurred to me that your short/near term calls have a very high win percentage. Natural gas and coffee stick out, and yes, recently wheat as well.” Printed by permission from Mr. Hanley – January 2022

Robbins Trading’s proprietary AutoTrade® and TradeSync® technologies enable a program Follower’s account to do precisely what we do in the Leader account. We are excited that you are thinking about joining us. Weather has a multi-trillion dollar annual impact on the U.S. economy. Of course, it has a much greater effect on a global scale. Let’s drill down to the personal level:

Many of your activities, your plans, your property, your budget decisions, etc., are, in some way or other, influenced by weather’s whims. WWT offers you the opportunity to add investments to that list.

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In the recent couple of decades, weather extremes have been unprecedented around the world: in part due to both climate change and to El Niño or La Niña events. From devastating droughts in the U.S. and South America to historic wildfires in California and Europe and floods in other parts of the world, weather impacts many commodities from coffee to grains, natural gas and a lot more.

You can receive a sample of our newsletters here: Bestweatherinc

Thank you for your consideration to open a commodity account in order to follow our Weather Wealth Trading program.

Should you decide to join the program, and allow us to do some aiming for you, we’ll look forward to receiving your “fan mail” too!
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